Avoiding and Dealing with Acne

When it comes to skin care I’m one hell of an obsessed person. I started getting breakouts when I was about nine and my mother told me it was hereditary and I would just have to wait it out, so I did. I waited for years and it did calm down when I was around sixteen. I was finally comfortable with my skin again but sadly that didn’t last very long. I was finished with school and in the world of work which meant the world of work and dating. I started using makeup and not removing it properly. The makeup I was using wasn’t agreeing with my skin which made me break out again, but this time worse than ever. I got these under skin pimples that would never really rise but they’d ache like hell and just look odd. I went to so many specialists but nothing worked. I tried Neutrogena which didn’t really work. I went through two bottles of this and still nothing. I went back to the dermatologist and she recommended I try Clean and Clear.

I started using the Clean and Clear and it worked miracles for my skin. Within two weeks of using it I saw such a difference and I wasn’t afraid to look myself in the mirror. My aunt who visited Canada brought me back the Avon pimple and blackhead wash which was something I added to my face care products. My sister then went ahead and got me the Himalaya Gentle Face Wash which became my every morning face wash.

I also had to change my diet in getting rid of my acne which a lot of people don’t do. They tend to only use face products but never change the internal things. It was very hard but I had to cut down on chocolate. For the first two months I cut chocolate out of my life completely but soon I learned how to have it in small portions and not very often. It was not easy but it is worth it. I find it extremely hard to cut down on the fry food but I had to. That meant LESS KFC, Royal Castel and Pizza. I was really happy I didn’t have to cut down on the Pasta.

Using a Sunscreen that helps clear up acne or works with not clogging pores should definitely be on your vanity. I use sunscreen almost every day because it’s a necessity. I live in the Caribbean so that means constant heat and sun. Even though I work in an air-conditioned building I travel and every time I have to go get food I’m out in the sun.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and got a few tips on acne and avoiding or dealing with it. I’ve got a blog post on my After Work Night Routine coming very soon so stay locked.

Thank you so much and have an Ellafide night.